Oh Shit Review

Get Ready to be Angry. Very Angry!


Publisher: Stevo
Website: Direct Download
Price: Free
Platform/s: Windows




Get ready for a game that is so simple, yet will piss you off to no end. Get ready to rage. Get ready to curse. Get ready to smash your keyboard in pure undiluted anger.


Welcome! Survive as long as possible with the falling rocks, randomly appearing casms, and shooting cannons that slowly multiply! Thankfully you can get powerup items that cover pits, give invincibility and destroy cannons, and speed you up. If you get pit covers, step on the edge of a pit and prwess f to use one, and press c to see how many you have.


Initial Thoughts


It all started with a tweet.

I clicked download, opened it, hit go, and… Oh Shit!!!




The title of this game is perfect. You will be saying “Oh shit”, “fucking shit”, “balls and shit”, and all sorts of other curses. The game is familiar to anyone who plays Crazy Party. Collect bonus items while avoiding cannon balls, falling rocks, and pits. Powerups can give you speed, invinsibility, and pit covers. The first time you play, the controls may not be apparent unless you are familiar with Crazy Party. A new gamer may need a few seconds to figure them out. The game is simple, but is addicting. When you’ve finished playing, you can post your score on the global scoreboards for others to be jealous of.




  • The game contains addictive gameplay.
  • Bonus items spice the game up.
  • You can share your scores with your pals via the scoreboards or with a simple copy and paste.




  • The game is a direct lift of a Crazy Party concept.
  • The game assumes you’re familiar with Crazy Party, and doesn’t give you any information on what sounds mean or what keys do what.




If you want to swear like a sailor and have fun doing it then this game is for you.


Liam’s Rating: 9/10


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