One Year On!


A year in reflection

Has it really been a year since I started writing for this blog. The answer to that is yes.


One year of articles of differing quality has come to this. This article is nothing fancy. I had all different ideas for what to write for my one year post.
In the end I just thought I would talk about how much I like writing for this blog and find a small way to thank the people that have made this all possible.
So thank you all and enjoy my thoughts on a year of writing for the blog.

Humble Beginnings

Honestly when Smoke first asked me if I would like to write for the blog I was actually a little shocked. I didn’t think my writing skill anything even close to good enough to write for a blog.
I said something to that effect to him when he first suggested it and he said something along the lines of. “As long as people can understand it I don’t care”.
Now I will admit perhaps starting my blog writing career with an article called the 5 worst things about audio gamers wasn’t the nicest thing but going back I stand by everything I said in that article.
Now in all honesty I thought that people wouldn’t give a shit about what I wrote and that after a few weeks I would just sort of write less and less until I just sort of stopped. But weirdly people kept showing interest.
The Topics kept coming so I just kept writing and here we are. A year on and I am still loving writing silly articles.

Love and Hate

During my time writing for this blog I received comments, direct messages, skype messages, whispers in games and just straight up comments from people about more than half the articles I have written.
I have to say that most of the people willing to say anything have been pretty positive and I think that has helped me allot. However I will admit I have made comments in articles and written entire articles out of spite for comments I have received.
If I am being honest I like the comments from people who don’t like what I do almost as much as the positive ones. As far as I am concerned if your sharing your opinion and not pissing some one off your not doing it right.
From twitter user: You are not funny. Stop writing stupid articles on this good blog and try swearing less.
My response: Well your right I’m not funny. However to your other points. Fuck off you cunt!
From random on Swamp: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Smoke must have been pretty fucking desparate for writes if he let you do it. You can’t write fo shit!
My response: Well yeah he probably was. But the irony of the badly spelt words in that complaint aren’t lost on me.
From twitter user: What the fuck. How the fuck did you get a spot writing for a blog. You are terrible go back to licking dust off the bottom of your bed and stop wasting peoples time with these stupid fucking articles.
My response: Hey I can do both.

Questionable Content

Yes I know some of my articles are down right balls to the wall stupid. This is not news to me. However some times writing dumb articles is lots of fun.
So let me just clear up a few things that people have asked about because of those stupid articles.
First yes I did used to ask Smoke about posting the dumber articles. However at some point I just stopped because he just never said no to any of my stupid ideas.
Secondly no I wasn’t on drugs when I came up with some of the more stupid ones, However some of the ideas did come from friends who were high.
Thirdly if you have a stupid idea you can ask me to write about it because if I no anything about that stupid topic or maybe even if I don’t I still might write about it.
I would also like to address one more thing. No despite every reason saying I should I don’t regret singing for a blog post. If you haven’t heard that I won’t tell you how to find it but if you really want to find it you can.

The joys of Writing

At times writing these posts has been difficult. After a year of writing coming up with new ideas each week has been hard. Some times I have had a rough week for one reason or another and writing hasn’t really been what I wanted to do.
The funny thing is that writing can help if I have had a stressful week. The constant of thinking I need to write something gives me something in the back of my mind I know I have to work on.
But bad weeks aside for the most part I have to say writing for this blog has been loads of fun. I enjoy the banter on twitter and the people who like or hate the articles. I can’t tell you how amusing I find it when some one sees me on a game and the first thing they say is: “Hannibal like from the BSG Blog?”
So thank you to everyone who takes the time to read any or all of my articles.
Thank you to those who take the time to share them on twitter.
Thank you to the people who comment either on the articles themselves or to me on twitter or any other platform.
And a big thank you to Smoke for giving me the chance not only to write for the blog. But to spread the stupid shit that is in my head far and wide.

The point

So I said I might tie this all together at the end with a point. So do I have one?
I guess if a point must be made it is this.
If you get the chance to do something you think you might enjoy. Just do it! You never know what might come of it. I have made friends, started relationships and had a hell of allot of fun and all of this can be traced back to starting to write for this blog.
If you think that you would like to do it but are afraid you aren’t good enough. Just do it anyway. Fuck it the worse thing that will happen is you stop. But so many amazing things can come from the smallest opportunity.


I have said it so many times so I will put it here. If you have something you want me to write about let me know. Leave a comment letting me know what your favourite article that I have written in the last year was.

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