June site Updates, giveaways, & This Month’s Stream Schedule

A Crazy survival Party in Hell with football


Normally I just put out the streams and events schedule on the main sight and call it good. Going forward I’m going to try and put out this detailed blog post on what all we’ll be doing in the upcoming month. It will be both the schedule and what I’ll be continuing to work on with the main site. BSG is a constant monster that requires a lot of time to keep up to date and fresh with new game guides and content, and it is good to let people know what is coming and being worked on.

What Is Happening On The Main Site

I’ve been splitting my time between two main projects. The MK11 section and the Super Mega Baseball 3 section. With Mortal Kombat it requires a lot of recording and editing so that has been more of a task I put aside until I’m in a recording mood. There is a lot of MK content out there already, but I’m planning on a complete guide for someone only playing off audio. So far it has been going well, but I had to reduce the scope of it some because the original plan was simply not possible with just one person doing all the work. Since then I have some solid goals and it has been easier to peck away at them.
With Super Mega Baseball it is a bit easier. I’m working on finishing up the menu guides with examples of different audio cues. After that is complete then I’ll be making both audio and video guides for getting started in the game and how to play. This will be my first go-round with editing video guides, and I’m expecting it to be all of the fun. The goal is to make guides that can be used both for people with low vision as well as those who are totally blind. The game is a great baseball experience for both, and it is the only good baseball game available for PC.

The Stream And Events of June

This month is going to be a busy one. In May I was doing solo streams on Wednesdays, but now they’ll be moved to Sunday. I would like to say this is for a great reason, but really it is because you really only get two days out of a growler of beer. That and they will be pushed back two hours to 3:30pm eastern instead of 1:30pm. Any main stream game with visuals will also be streamed to YouTube so anyone with working eyes can take advantage of the graphics as well.

Hades on Saturday June 5 at 4:30pm eastern

Hades is a title that has been gaining traction as a playable main stream game for blind gamers. This has been taken to a whole new level with the addition of the accessible mods. I haven’t played Hades myself, and this will be a mostly blind playing. I have watched the video Playing Hades without eyeballs by Aaron Ramirez, and read up on it some, but I’d like to go in as raw as possible for this one. This stream will be dual streamed both on BSG as audio only, and also on the bsg YouTube page for those with some vision who would also like to watch the game play.
If you’d like to get the mods made by erumi321 and JLove you can read about them in the Can I Play That blog post they did on the release of the mods.
I’m also planning on doing a patreon only giveaway of the game on steam. So if you are a patreon keep an eye out for the giveaway page.

Hades on Sunday June 6 at 3:30pm eastern

A continuation of the Hades stream from the day before. I’ll be playing the game anyway, so why not fire up the streaming machine and go at the game again.

Game night on Friday June 11 at 8:00pm eastern

Game nights are when the streamers and patreons get together on patreon and play some social games. This is normally some light titles on QC or RS games. This week we’ll be starting off with Little Exam (which always gets very creative), then either a round of Citadels or Hearts. Then we’ll end it out with either 99 or Quiz Party. If you are a patreon then you should show up, these are always a lot of laughs and fun.

Crazy Party on Saturday June 12 at 4:30pm eastern

CP is one of the main BSG games, and this is for a pretty predictable reason. We are all about playing along with those who listen, and CP is the perfect game for this. It is competitive, but also enjoyable to play. As an added perk if you can beat the streamers then you can win a gift card or game. Those who place above us are entered into a drawing and one of them wins. Since Hannibal has been beating everyone he will now be playing with an added handicap or some other mechanic to ensure more people win. I’m all about giving out stuff to those who enjoy gaming and BSG.

Madden 21 on Sunday June 13 at 3:30pm eastern

Even though it is pretty much the least popular game I stream, I enjoy playing it, and I’d be playing it off stream either way so why not go live with it as well. I may be a little late to the party this year, but I have really found a new love for the game. I played the NCAA games to death back in the day, and now I’m fully invested in Madden 21. This will be the fourth entry into my dive into madden’s story mode via face of the franchise journey, and it is time to get to a starting position on the team and get on the road to the Hall Of Fame.

Survive The Wild on Wednesday June 16 at 4:30pm eastern

STW is a game that isn’t streamed very often because a lot of those who stream don’t give it a fair chance. That doesn’t mean it is a bad game however, and it is always entertaining to stream. It allows those listening to play along with the streamers, and that will be the case for this stream. Hannibal will have a voices only stream up as well so those playing along can still follow along with him and Quacker while managing to play the game themselves.

Something on Saturday June 19 at 4:30pm eastern

I’d like to slot a patreon requested stream on the 19th, but that depends on if a patreon requests something to be streamed. If you are a patreon and would like to have your stream here just read the post on how to request a stream then contact me and let me know what game you’d like. Then tune in on the 19th to see me have all the fun or none of the fun with your requested stream. More often than not my discomfort brings others joy, but it can also be a game you just think myself or others would enjoy playing or seeing streamed.

Madden, Hades, or mk11 on Sunday June 20 at 3:30pm eastern

Sometimes looking towards the end of the month I honestly have no clue what I will be in the mood for. This is one of those slots where this is the case. It might be madden, Hades, or maybe I’ll stream myself trying to not suck at MK11 anymore. Really any main stream game could be popping up on this stream.

Saturday June 26: 4:30pm eastern

This will be the second crazy party stream of the month, and it’s being streamed for all the same reasons. We like to play along with those listening, and also give stuff away. CP allows both of these to happen at once so come play along, listen to the stream, and maybe even win a gift card or a copy of a game.

Sunday June 27: 3:30pm eastern

This is the monthly meeting of the BSG Book club. This is our outlier in the schedule. This is when we aren’t the streamers or the extra saucy patreon game night hosts. It is a group of people who like books, and who only want to talk about books for an hour every month. There isn’t any outside BS just the book of the month and other book talk. This month we are reading The Green Mile by Stephen King. If you want more info you can get it on the book club informational page.

Maybe Survive The Wild on Wednesday June 30 at 4:30pm eastern

This is a placeholder stream that may or may not be happening. There is a STW update being worked on, and this stream is just in case it is released. If it is you can expect a stream here. If there is not then more than likely there won’t be a stream. If it is released the week before than the stream may be bumped up to the 23rd instead. Follow @CaptainHannibal and @bsg_blog on twitter to be informed of schedule changes. You can also go to the updated schedule page.

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6 Replies to “June site Updates, giveaways, & This Month’s Stream Schedule

  1. Fuckin doozy! Hannibals gotta have a couple vb’s on sight if he’s wakin’ up at 6:30 in the bloody morning to play CP on a sunday ????. Expect me there! I was number one on a cp stream once, but lost connection. Got a bit salty after that ?.

  2. Sounds nice! But several things:
    1. What do you mean by handicap? I can’t imagine how that would be possible on cCrazy Party.
    2. How can we play along in the Crazy Party stream (because don’tt we hear your game audio too)?
    Might tune into the Crazy Party streams, if it’s not the middle of the night here.

    1. Through some means a negative point deduction happens to hannibal’s score. It is calculated on stream, so he may win the party but not actually win for the competition.
      With CP streams we have two streams. one with voices and game audio, and another with just voices no game audio. the alt stream can be found in the navigation bar, or at http://blackscreengaming.com/live/alt.php

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