Rage Quit Rage


How to Rage Quit and The Effects on A Gaming Community!

This Article is in 2 sections. The first is a an attempt to make light of Rage quitting by describing how it is done correctly. The second half is my take on people who do it and is by far the biggest rant I have posted on this blog. Language warning[...]

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Money in Gaming Part 3


Money in Gaming part 3

So the final part in this little series about the way money can be made in gaming. This final part is about possibly the easiest way to make money. But this can also be one of the most toxic things in the gaming industry. So let us dive right in.

Where we begin

Micro-transactions and loot boxes[...]

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smoke j

Old Man’s Rants, Spelling and Grammar

these wordy things cause so many problems

Recently I posted on twitter my plans to start a opinion series dealing with some issues that catch my interest in the blind community. These aren’t specifically blind only topics, but rather issues which pop up in our little community. I don’t notice all of them, but when[...]

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Money in Gaming [part 2]

Pay to Win


Pay to win.

Right it is time to dive in to the cesspit that is pay to win. I will make no pretence here. I don’t care for pay to win so lets just get on with it.

Pay to Win

Pay to win put simply is when you gain advantages with in a game buy paying for things such as weapons, up grades, armour, skills or[...]

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Physical Copies of Audio Books


Physical Audio Books

In the modern age Audio books can be downloaded to be played on your computer, your phone or any other playing device. But unbelievably physical copies of audio books still exist, even more shockingly at least here in Australia they are a fucking scam!


Honestly I wasn’t sure[...]

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Money in Gaming

Pay To Play


Money In Gaming – Part 1

Yes part 1, This is going to be a 3 part series discussing the 3 most common ways developers make money from games. While also discussing the negatives and positives of these.

Method to the madness

Over the next few weeks I am going to delve in to a topic that has raged across the internet[...]

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smoke j

Where Is Smoke?

I Heard He Got Eaten By a Pack Of Wild Dingos


If you have been paying attention I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting that often on the blog of late. I just wanted to take the time to explain why and let everyone know what’s going on with the blog and main bsg site. Read more


Character names?


Character Names:

Really this is a simple thing. Just enter a name for your character. But some people suck at it. [Looking at you Steve] So lets see if I can help with that.

What you are doing wrong

Ok if you spend more then 10 minutes thinking up a character name that is to fucking long. Just Put something in. Remember you[...]

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Aaron Hewitt

GPD-win review, A windows handheld console.



The GPD-win is an ultra-mobile PC, (UMP), running windows 10 that is marketed towards gamers, with its built-in game controller. Read more


A Hero’s Call – Review by Hannibal


A Hero’s Call by Out of Sight Games

A Hero’s Call the only game that any one has played in the last 2 weeks. This is a fact. This is an unproven almost certainly not true but it is true fact.

What is A Hero’s Call?

A quick over view then before we jump in.
You play as a character tasked with helping the town[...]

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