Affiliated Products and Services

Here you can find a couple things. Any affiliate programs the blog is associated with. Examples would be amazon, Audible, or any other products and services. You will also find links for making donations.

If you see an amazon link on any blog pages it is an amazon affiliates link. This means if you click on the link and make a purchase the BSG Blog makes a little money from your purchase. It does not change what you pay, the commission is paid out by amazon and you have no extra charges involved. It is just a way to support the blog when shopping on Amazon.
This doesn’t mean blog posts will try to get you to purchase anything. If a contributor says something is good it is simply their opinion. We’re pretty straight forward when saying something is bad, if you choose to buy it after that then that is good you are supporting the blog, but we’ll still think it is a bad product.
There will also be links for a couple Amazon homepages in case it is not directing you to the proper store. Then whenever you shop you are helping out the blog at no extra cost. Every time you shop it sends a little bit our way.
Click here to shop on amazon and support the blog.

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Below you will find a list of Ebay homepages for a few different countries. If you click through and then buy something Ebay sends a small amount to the blog. There is a 24 hour window for the purchase to count. Like with amazon you don’t get charged anything extra. Ebay just sends a little our way. You can help us out and not actually spend anything extra, just purchase what you wanted to all along. It’s good for everyone.


Unlocator is an automatic smart DNS service that unlocks a whole bunch of streaming content. If you have black out restrictions for anything, sports, TV, YouTube, pretty much anything you can think of it can probably unlock it. Best thing is it has a 100% free no credit card or payment information required 7 day trial. It also couldn’t be easier to set up. We on the blog have been using it for months and it is wonderful.
Visit Unlocator and try it out.


Nearly everyone is signed up for Audible already, but if you aren’t you can do so through one of our Audible links below and support the blog. It is by far the best source for audio books. There isn’t anything more to say.
If you are in the US you can click on a link, for folks outside the US you need to copy and paste the URL into your browser.
Hours have been spent trying to fix this and so far there is no solution due to the auto directing to your closest store.

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HQ Trivia

This is not an affiliate but you can still use Hannibal’s HQ Trivia username to get 1 extra life on registration. If you want to read more about the game including how to play using voice over you can do so with this blog post.


If you want to make a donation to help cover hosting costs it is very much appreciated. Also if you do make sure to let me know who you are so I can add you to the Supporters page.

Sharing the blog on social media

If you are unable to help out through one of the ways above then that is perfectly fine. The most important way anyone can help is by sharing posts and content on social media. You’ll find a share link at the top of all posts so you can post them to Facebook and twitter. Doing this helps us out more than you think.

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