• Patients!

    A comedian once said. “If I don’t get what I want I will punch every cunt in the room.” This attitude really does exist in the Blind gaming community.


    Look i’ll be honest and […]

  • Behind the Music.

    What is the best cover you have ever heard. Now have you heard my cover of Nickleback? Now if you haven’t go listen to it. good lets go.


    So I had nothing to write […]

  • The Valley by Whitechapel, Review by Hannibal.

    Do you feel that. It is the darkness inside. It is poring from under your skin and will consume everything!


    I don’t know if I have ever […]

  • Trauma by I Prevail, Review by Hannibal.

    Does any one else remember the cover of Taylor Swift this band did. Good me neither.


    Music reviews are back bitches! This week it is the second […]

  • Update your shit!

    Lets start with a joke cause I think most of you won’t like me after this one. How many people with short attention spans does it take to screw in a light bulb. Oh look a blue […]

  • Crazy Party Mass Review

    230 Minigames, 16 worlds. 1 review! Are! you! ready? Well it doesn’t matter cause here we go.


    So what are we doing? This week I have reviewed all 230 minigames in […]

  • Ready to Roll- RPG Dice

    You enter a dungeon. The first thing you see is. A dragon. What do you do? I take out my phone and roll these dice!


    Look i’ll be honest I know there isn’t much to […]

  • Mark Morton – Anesthetic: A Review by Hannibal

    No body really asked for them. No one cared when they were gone and absolutely no one asked for them to return. But still they are back. Hannibal’s Musical […]

  • The Mighty Cane!

    Pen mighty than the sword, Cane mightier than the pen. Does that make a cane mightier than the sword? Wait what was I on about? Also who said the cane was mightier than the pen I think I […]

  • Hashtag a11y

    Actions speak louder than words. Some say that a Hashtag is an action made up of words. Does that mean they speak louder still.


    This article is about the Hashtag a11y however I […]

  • BitLife – Review – by Hannibal

    Do crime. Yes lets do A crime. Everyone grab your crime doing boots we are doing a crime! We are going to do so much of the crime. We are going to crime all over this place. […]

  • Rory Boxing A Review by Hannibal

    Violence is never the answer. Unless the question was what is fun in video games and some times in real life.


    This review was suggested by Smoke and after […]

  • A Crazy Countdown [Part 3]

    So I know how much everyone has been waiting for this moment. You know what lets just get on with it.


    So here we are part 3. Yes this is it the big one. The top […]

  • A Crazy countdown [Part 2]

    I have clever puns but I won’t use them here or ever. That is a lie I will use them at some point.


    So here we are week to of my 2018 end of year countdown […]

  • Crazy Countdown – Part 1

    Crazy Countdown a truly you know what I’m not going to do this. These puns are bad enough.


    December is here and you know what that means. All the blog’s and sites […]

  • Not My Job!

    Have you ever had fun on a plane. Right all of you get your minds out of the gutter I wasn’t talking about the mile high club. You know what never mind just read this […]

  • Lets get that shit fixed!

    Warning the following may turn you in to an Expert at fixing broken computers, Smart Phones, Tablets and much more.


    I can’t tell you how many times on games, […]

  • A positive outlook!

    We can all look at the grass and say it seems greener over in his yard. The fact is it doesn’t matter where the grass is greener as long as the grass is growing.


    So it […]

  • In the age of digital download I am proud to say that this is an album that on the day of release I walked in to a store and purchased a physical copy. Alright it was the day after but the rest is […]

  • Dragon Village – A Review by Hannibal

    Its a village. there is a dragon involved. can any one guess how it was named? Was it named after the tavern. Hey fuck off other me.


    Dragon Village it […]

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