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Here is a List of our blog’s contributers. These are the authors of the posts, and here is some information about them.

Smoke, Admin and site creator

If you play Survive The Wild you know him as smoke-j, on swamp its SmokeJ or Holiday. In a fit of mental weakness he decided to try and give himself a simultaneous brain aneurism and stroke by creating Then deciding that was not enough he decided why not set up a blog and cause endless headaches ontop of the stroke and aneurism. Either way here stands the black screen gaming blog. The site is finished and ready for everyone’s viewing pleasure and probably displeasure. He tends to be a bit decisive on allot of topics that get some people a bit riled up. After a pack or 3 of cigarettes he will be calmed down and back to a normal calm state however. He is one of the most selfless people in the world, choosing to smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day for everyone else’s health and not his own, without cigarettes he would for sure be unbearable and deadly to most people. Urban legend has it every morning he snorts a line of coffee grounds, then rolls nicotine gum up in nicodene patches, dipps it in a cup of espresso, then sprinkles tobacco on it and smokes this concoction to get his brain juices flowing every day.

No matter his oddities, he has allot of things to write about, and finally a platform for writing them. What to expect, who knows, but it should be interesting at least half the time, the other half maybe it will piss someone off, that is one of his all time favorite past times afterall.

Hannibal, Editor and Top Contributor

Often Known as Hannibal, Hannibal-swamp, GoreDemon or Disturbed. Hannibal is most noted for his laziness. Having joined the Audio games community several years ago. He enjoys drinking and playing games, usually at the same time. His spirit animal is the kangaroo [also another nick name he gets]. Where Hannibal came from remains a mystery to this day. It is said he was first spotted on All in Play as JD93 and since then has gone on to play many other audio games including but not limited to swamp, crazy party, survive the wild and many others. Really that is it.
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Mason Armstrong, Site Contributor and Game Developer

Mason is a young blind thrill seeker from Iowa who loves to play and code AudioGames. He is usually quite social, and likes to meet new people. You’ll never find him doing the same thing very often. He also gets quite frustrated about certain aspects of audio games/audiogamers, so there may be entertainment in that regard. You can follow him on Twitter @masonasons or @darkflierprod for his coding related updates. Some of those may also go on this blog as well.
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